I don’t know how my last week of high school could have been any more epic, tiring, sweaty, and fun! I’ll try to recount the events, which will mark my first legit post on my tumblr. Better late than never!


In the morning I had grad practice, and was stylishly late with Jonathan. After that, I went to lunch with Andrew and folks, and then headed home. Then I went home and crammed my piano practice for my song “Cherished”. I went to the soundcheck, chilled with Audrey, Ayako, Swon, and Polly in the stands, and which later blurred into the actual performance. Baccalaureate went very well and I was so grateful to be able to perform amongst you all! All the performances were sooo good! Swon’s singing in particular almost made me cry. It was a touching finish. After that, I went with Queen Megan, Andrew, Daniel, Eric, Eric, Haoch and some other people to grab Quicklies, and Wingstop fries. It was very fun and the week was just beginning!


Again, Jon and I were stylishly late to the picnic, almost missing the bus before we got there. The actual trip was great! Frisbee on the beach was so tiring and challenging, but very very fun. THe rides were so exhilirating and there is just a strong nostalgic appeal to boardwalk that strikes a sweet spot in my childhood. After the boardwalk, we headed over to Jamba to chill. When I thought it was over, Andre and I spontaneously arranged a sleepover that ended up having 12 guys and 1 girl lol. Had a great time playing Bug House (if you dont know what this is then you arent nerdy enough lol) and smash and Blokus! I almost pulled an all nighter, but the day quickly blurred into…


It was like a hangover scene as we all woke up groggily in the morning and crammed into Andrew’s car to head over to grad practice (again stylishly late lol). I had printed and edited my script right before I had left Andrew’s house after 2 hours of sleep. Grad practice went smoothly, and afterwards we headed over to rainbow park to play Ultimate. I had not eaten breakfast or lunch, and we ended up playing 2-3 hours. It was very painful doing it all on an empty stomach and nearly no sleep, but that was part of the fun! Had a great time with siskiski, Raymond, and some other folks during it. Went to Johnny Rockets afterwards, which had pretty bad service, although Andrew did get a free hamburger because of it lol. I headed home and got a whopping 9 hours of sleep, to prepare me for the adventure of the next few days…


More grad practice! Went to Fresh Choice with some folks, and then headed home to play a game of LoL (which I greatly regretted!) Halfway through, I remembered that I had a one week lab due for Javascript that I would have no other time to finish, so I crammed it in 1 hour. I had some errors but screw it and submitted it anyways. After that, I realized that during CalSO I had to pick classes! Had a horrible shock and then quickly crammed as much course selection information as possible. They had prepared like a 12 point to-do list that was really confusing and really stressed me out -_-. I haded over to grad practice and promptly sat down in Mr. Pecks room, and started reading more Berkeley course election info. Was a pretty odd way to spend my last moments in high school, frantically skimming pages and pages of fine print. I had not practiced more than 3 times up to this (because I told myself I would do so after I finished playing videogames, which did not happen). Graduation took place so fast! It was again a huge blur, and it felt awesome to be able to speak in front of everyone. It was not as nerve wracking as I thought it would be, and was definately a great experience. I am very proud of my class and all the individuals who have made it this far! Too bad my sister only saw the last 30 seconds of it ): She had 2 hours of traffic commuting back from Berkeley. Anyways, right after that, I ate Sushi Boat with family, and then headed home to again frantically read more CalSO papers for class info. I got to Grad Night at 10:45 (doors close at 10:30) becuase I had been trying to read as much as possible. I had a great time chilling with Swon, Jocelyn, Andrew, Polly, and many others playing things like human foozeball, running-from-hookes-law, rock climbing, comedy sports, photo boothing, toilet racing, and many more! Too bad it passed by so quickly ): I had to leave at 2:00 AM to get more sleep for CalSO. Turned out, I still had to read a LOT more and deliberate my classes, so when I got home, i read more stuff till around 4:00 AM, and slept, anxious about CalSO &my classes. I had not even packed.

Friday - Woke up at 6:50 to my sister calling my name. We were suppose to leave at 6:50… I had not packed yet, so I frantically looked online for a list of things I was suppose to bring. Turns out I didnt have to bring much, so i quickly grabbed a few articles of clothing and ran outside to head to Berkeley. I made my sister late for work because of my delay, but in the end, it was OK. CalSO was quite an experience! I was running late and had forgotten my Photo ID, so I was running late to everything. When I met my group for the orientation, I was pretty surprised. My counselor was named Erica Lawrence (such a joy to be with!) and there were 13 other guys in my group. Around 10 of them were in EECS (electrical engineering and computer science). At first we were all very awkward and not very talkative. It was quite a surprise when I realized that there were no girls -__- I’m use to hanging around girls more than guys…. but anyways, it ended up being OK as we got to know each other, given that it was a very slow process since nobody talked much. I met some pretty cool people like Chaaru, Rick, and Rohan. Anyways, the agenda overall was a bit dry the first day. Therre were several sessions which were just talking and talking, and I fell asleep a few times. However, in the end it got much better after we had this huge group discussion, Bear Territory, where we disucssed social issues that come with a diverse population, including things like homophobia, racism, sexism, and all that good stuff. That night was really fun, we hopped from cream, top dog, to asian ghetto, to pmt, to yogurt, and then to the movie theatres. It was great to get to know Elise, Daniel, and Dhurv. It was actually very refreshing to talk to Elise. Its really cool learning about other peoples experiences in high school and how they ended up in Berkeley. Lynbrook is really one of a kind, and our life is very different from those outside of it. Anyways, I turned in for bed at around 12:30, I had a nice night conversation with one of my roommates, Youval. The conversation started very interestingly because he was telling me about a guy who had been evangelizing and showing off his purity ring to him during CalSO and said some things against Christianity. I then I told him that I was a Christian, and he felt so embarassed and bad (I guess he didn’t know that chinese could be Christians). He was from the Berkeley area, and there are barely any religious people in his school. He was very polite about it and I had a great time takling to him about his experiences. I really wish I could have more talks like that! It was great connecting with someone who I had only known for a day. I turned in for bed at around 1:00 AM, after a whirlwind day.


Things started to slow down as I and become a lot more cozy. I started to feel more comfortable with my group of 14, and conversations were no longer awkward! The day quickly flew by as I we chilled at the coffee shop, had a tour around the engineering buildings, and selected my courses. It was a great winding-down after the hectic week. To finish it, we had a huge rally with the epic Cal Band! I couldnt help but feel proud to be a bear. The pride is just contagious, and I cant really see myself anywhere else now.

In six days, I had the greatest possible transition ever from a highschooler to a graduate, to a bear. It has been quite an exciting adventure, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. 

Uninstalled LoL


a day and a half after installing it…got caught up in the new-to-a-game addiction LOL. Can’t have that now can we.

I did that 3 days ago too -_-. So hard to focus with it right there!

Cal Day 2011

I went there today for graduation, and even though I considered the weather as pretty good, la campanella (the tower) did not look even close to this good. Great photography tiff!


Some photos from Cal Day, UC Berkeley’s annual open house. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take too many, as my mom and I were too busy getting lost on campus (haha).

I love Cal’s atmosphere, and I’m looking forward to studying there this fall. Go bears!

The Chronicles of a Flyboy...: OH DMUN IS THE SHIT HUH?

Yo Rohan

I’m sorry DMUN didn’t turn out as well as we had hoped it to be. It was our first time there and we had a new group of officers as well. MUN, like many other clubs, revolves around several events that are planned and organized by outside groups. For example, we have been to conferences in Vancouver, Santa Teresa, and Berkeley. These conferences are not organized and carried out by us, so its hard for us to control the actual quality of the conference, but we try our best to enable you guys to go to as many as possible.

I hope what may have been to your distaste in DMUN doesnt deter you from still trying out the many other great BMUN conferences. Like in all clubs, we have great events, and we have not so hot events. VMUN this year turned out fantastically (just ask any of the members) and BMUN was definitely a trip to remember. For some of us, the events in MUN have greatly shaped our high school experiences for the better.

If you have any constructive advice on what you want improved in MUN that is within our control (sorry we can’t control the cow poop or the hotness of girls), feel free to shoot me an email or let any of the officers know. For example, you could talk to us on how we could make your research/preparation experiences better. You can always also talk to Vishal about what you want improving in the club, since he has been trying very very very hard to make your experiences the best possible.

Deca is a great club and Robert has done an awesome job leading it. It definitely deserves a 15/10, and I myself would participate in it if it werent for the conflicts that I have with its meetings/events. Just remember though to be respectful to the hundreds of hours that we officers put in to make your experiences the best possible, and that we are by no means trying to waste your time with the events. MUN is a student run organization that has its members interests as a top priority.

I hope to see you in the future meetings!




What a waste of 175 big ones.

UC Davis smelled like the inside of a cows ass.

Since i subbed in for some nigger named Sai at the last moment i was not prepared for the conferences and all but the last session ended up sucking.

Girls: Met a bunch during the last session. A few at the…

Procrastination: When will you pay for it?

I must say, this is one thing that some students almost pride themselves in. It has become a culture to put off work as long as possible for reasons both of laziness and seemingly legitamite reasons. Often times, I find myself procrastinating with productive seeming things like doing the laundry, playing piano, or working on my programming. This very moment, I’m tumblr posting about my procrastination when I am procrasting the several assignments I have due tomorrow.

However, the ultimate question of this post for you to take away with is, when will the time come for procrastinating will actually hurts you? Sure, we have felt those sleepless nights doing our research paper or AP lit assignments, and it was almost a communal experience. Maybe you have experieced procrastinating your college applications to the very last few hours before it was due. Those all seemed grand and nice, but think about it. If we keep it up, and never change our habbits, eventually it will come to bite us in a way we never thought. 

I have come to realize that perhaps my procrastination is coming to bite me this very moment. I have been in Boy Scouts for six years, working towards my goal for Eagle Scout. However, this very moment, I am unsure of whether or not I will be able to attain it. Granted I worked hard and tried for it, I most likely could have gotten it months, if not one year ago. However, there are always legitimate excuses. That is the beauty of procrastination. When I had my college apps to do, I did my college apps. When I had a test to study for, I studied for the test. Its a viscious cycle, but eventually I got to the point of where I am now.

This has come to my attention because my Troop as a whole, is going through a tumultuous time. Many scouts, like me, have procrastinated their advancement, and now the Scout Master is under extreme pressure to fulfill their requests. It has come to the point where he has directly spoken out to the parents he hopes our scouts do not grow up to become the senior scouts of today.

It’s moments like these where I have to swallow my pride and understand, that procrastination hurts. I believe I have yet to pay the price yet, but as of now, I am weary to what it will be and what will finally push me to change my ways. So far things have been good, so why correct something thats been working?

Time will say.

A blog I can actually blog in!

Earlier I made the mistake of thinking of using my own domain as a blog site for my life. Turns out, my dad knew my url cause registering a domain costs money so he was actually reading every word I posted, and analyzed it during our dinner conversations. Yeah, that didnt go so well.

Today I really wanted to comment on how awesome one of Kailin’s posts were, so I just decided, what the heck, I need learn more of this web stuff, so I created this! I’m really surprised how easy it was, but yeah. My blogging now has a home! Welcome and feel free to follow.

"kailin: wait are you gonna use it for real?”

No promises, but maybe I will. (: